Study in Poland
Poland has around 450 higher education institutes offering nearly 5000 courses. The average cost of studying in Poland is almost two timeslower than in Nordic countries. The student population in Poland is almost 1.5million. The host university usually provides accommodation to the internationalstudents. The multi-culture of Poland makes the student more comfortable.
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Poland for Foreign Students

The climate in Poland has warm summers and cold winters including heavy snow. Majorityof Polish population lives in urban areas, and the culture has a blend of both eastern andwestern influences. Poland has one of the world’s highest number of lakes. The popular cities in Polandare Warsaw, Zakopane, Gdynia, and Sopot.
Why Choose Poland ?

The Polish higher education framework is growing rapidly. The Polish universities have tie-ups and the degree provided by them are renowned worldwide. Poland is a safe country for foreign students to live and study. The minimum tuition fee and moderate living cost makes Poland an ideal choice.
Universities & Courses

High Ranked Universities

  1. Vistula University, Warszawa

Popular Courses

  1. Masters in Management
  2. Masters in Computer Science
  3. Bachelors in Management
  4. Masters in International Relations
Qualifying Exams & Coaching

Cost of Education in Poland

Thetuition fees vary depending upon the university and range between 9000 to 100000 Euros.The living expenses in Poland range between 200 Euros to 400 Euros and include expensessuch as accommodation, food, transport, etc.